Birthmothers Of N.H.

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Birthmothers of N.H. was created on April 19,2004 my name is Tracy and I am a Birth mom I started this Organization to help other Birth moms like myself. When I went though my placement there really wasn't any support outside the Agency I went though. My family was supportive of my Decision.But I know not everyone's is. I dedicate this site to my Birth son Anthony.


I Tracy Pond, the founder of Birth mothers of N.H., am not a licensed counselor. I created this group and offer support to others based on my own experiences as a birth mother.

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About Us
Welcome to Birth mothers of N.H. I created this Website to help make a difference in the world for us Birth mom's.When I became a Birth mom many years ago.There wasn't much support and I knew there was a need for it.I became pregnant at 18 years old right out of High school. The only support that was offer to me was the Adoption Agency I went though.Personally I would rather speak to someone  who has gone though what I have gone though and really understands then listern to someone who has a degree and preech to me and say they understand how I feel. In reality they don't have a clue what we've been though unless they've been there too. I tell them you try to explain to me how you carry a child for 9 months and then place them with a family  who isn't yours. You don't get much feed back So I figured I'd start my own organization. I will tell you it does keep me busy and not boring. I do enjoy working and helping others. I think we all make a difference in the world we live in. It's just some want it more then others. My mom always told me while I was growing up that I was street smart and that I'd always be a surivor in what ever life though me. I am not sure how correct she was reguarding that but I honor my mom's opinion. I hope you enjoy my website and browse though my pages to learn more about our organization.If you have  any ideas you like to share with me,love to hear them