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    Welcome to  Birthmothers Of N.H.
  Birthmothers of N.H. was created on April 19, 2004 My  name  is Tracy and I am a Birth mom I started this organization  to help other Birth moms like myself. When I went  though  my Placement there really wasn't  any  support    outside of the agency..  My family was supportive of  my decision. But I  know  not everyone's is.  I dedicate this  site  to my Birth son, Anthony.. 
 This is a song that is meaningful to me.  You might enjoy it as well..

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Adoptee to Birth Mother Song-"Ain't That Love"
Adoptee to Birth Mother Song. All photos courtesy of and google. Please contact author if questions on copyright. Original song copyright (c) Colleen Laylon, BMI, 2010


           Disclaimer :
     I,  Tracy Pond, the founder of Birth mothers of N.H., am not a licensed counselor.  I created this group and offer support to others based on  my  own experiences as a birth mother.


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