Birthmothers Of N.H.

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Adoption was my Option

To Women who are thinking about placing their unborn Baby for adoption:
 If you are thinking of placing your baby for adoption, please consider your options very carefully. There  are different kinds of adoptions.  Please research all your options. 
There is Open Adoption; which means different things to different people.  Many people understand adoption to mean you will have contact, including visits with your child and watch him/her grow up. 
Semi-Open- (Which is what I have) Meet the parents, first names only. Pictures and Letters at agreed upon times. 
Closed- Which is no contact at all. 
Private is with a Attorney and anything can happen in this kind of Adoption. 
Agency is when an agency is involved.
Carefully select what is best for you and your Baby. I know in my case I made the right choice for My Son. If you were to ask if I could turn the clock back 26 years, Would I do it again?  I honestly can't answer that question completely honest to you today. I say No, but lifes a funny thing.  It certainly can throw you curves