Birthmothers Of N.H.

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Best Friends.

This is a true story about two women who have the same common interest. One they are Birth mom's,they are alike but are different also. This story is about myself and my Best Friend Sharon, on how we met and became Best friends.I work at a Homeless shelter called,  My Friends place. I started there in 2001. In April of 2014 We were getting a new Resident who came from the other Shelter called Homeless shelter for Strafford county,the moment she came to our shelter,I knew there was something special about her.And she certainly had a story in a half. Sharon has had a tough life a break is what she needs in a very big way. Sharon has given Birth to 6 wonderful Children, but for Unfortunately reasons, they are not in her custody. She has 4 Boys and 2 Girls. Because of Addiction and in/out of Jail, she had lost Custody of her Children. As I was doing her Admit at My Friends place she told me her story on her Children and being in/out of jail and her Addictions. It made me very sad for her. I believe no human person should ever go though that much pain ever in there life. So I introduce her to my Organization Birthmothers of N.H. told her what we were about, she seemed interested, to learn more about us. Sharon came to our Meetings and our Birthmothers day that year. She told her very emotional story on her life and her kids and her long time Relationship with the Children's Father. Sharon was at the shelter for about 4 Months, then she moved to Manchester with her Boyfriend. I was in touch with Sharon a lot after she left the Shelter. I have to say I have been working at the shelter for many years, I never connected with one of my Residents as much as I did for her. I never treated her any differently.  I did have a connection with her,it was like a bond. because I could relate to her pain, as a Birth mom. But like I said it was different too