Birthmothers Of N.H.

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Help My Friends place for the Holidays.


Well it's getting that time of year again.I want to help the Shelter My Friends place, for the Holiday's and I am doing a Collection I am going to help with some of there shelter needs, I am going to put the list on here, if anyone can help or share the page,I would Appreciated, so will My Friends Place. The deadline is December 14,2016. If anyone can help with anything,please let me know. When you can drop the items off, call My Friends place at 603-749-3017, and let them know, you were helping the Shelter with Tracy pond.
1- 2 12 inch stainless steel Frying pans
2- Forks
3- Teaspoons
4- Extra long college Sheet set, there twin set but longer.
5- New or used Blankets
6- Pillows
7- Bath Towels
8- Kitchen Towels
9- Wash cloths
10- Large Toaster oven
11- Pots and Pans sets
12- Diapers- size 3,4,5, 6
13- Baby wipes
14- Gas Gift cards
15- Coast Bus Tickets.