Birthmothers Of N.H.

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       Why Women choose Adoption

I know I chose Adoption for my baby was mostly Money Issues. I didn't know about Welfare.My mom told me about it. I went there to apply but never follow though with it. I did decide on Adoption for my son. I do know when a Women places her child for adoption is the most unselfish act of love for her child. I know al lot of people who been though this do  understand. We place our children for adoption because we love them and want them to have a better life then we could provide for them at that time in our life. I want the public to know why we chose adoption. I want Adoptee's to know our reasons also. Since there the reasons for all this. I hope some day Anthony will want to know me and his Brother,Sister and the rest of our family. My dream is to have a reunion and to have all three of my children in the same room together. Anthony is 26 years old now.